Business Registration Revocations

in the Last 3.5 Years

12/16/20232 min read

Numbers 2, 3, and 5 appealed and remained opened.

• Numbers 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8 were closed.

• It seems like drugs were involved with Numbers 4 and 6.

• Numbers 7 and 8 both had had multiple police calls and incidents. According to the Sheriff, Number 7 had 40 calls in 1-1/2 years.

• According to the Sheriff, Greenville Women’s Clinic had 300 calls in 2-1/2 years ( which equals 120 calls per year times 1-1/2 years equals 180 calls which is 4.5 times more calls than at Number 7.

1. Ace’s Bar and Grill – revoked, and J. Kernell upheld the revocation at a hearing in Jan. 2023. Closed.

2. Twist – revoked and appealed. B. Ariail heard the appeal and in December 2021 allowed them to stay open provided they improved security and video monitoring. Twist has since closed (on their own).

3. La Guera – revoked, appealed and in Nov. 2021 allowed to stay open with increased security and video surveillance.

4. Kream Bistro Lounge – revoked September 2021. Closed.

91 Halton Road, Greenville, SC

refers to shot fired -

5. Lean Kitchen – revoked, appealed the revocation in May 2021 and allowed to stay open as long as they remit hospitality taxes. Still operating.

6. Legends Bar and Grill – never registered, told to cease business operation in Feb. 2021. Closed.

93 Halton Rd

5/20/19 - An owner of Legends Bar and Grill is among two people indicted last week in connection to what authorities think is a top-level drug ring with Greenwood ties that bought fentanyl and other drugs from Mexico and operated stash houses in Laurens County.

Currently shows as Palmetto Willy's Bar & Grill -

7. Dolce – Revoked July 2020. Closed.

7/23/20 “Lewis said his office had responded to more than 40 calls for service at the restaurant since January 2019.”

8. Lavish Ultra Lounge – revoked July 2020. Closed.

7/5/20 “But Lewis told The Greenville News that Lavish Lounge has a history of crime and a large volume of calls for service. The Greenville News is seeking information and documents related to previous times officers have responded to the club.

"There have been shootings here before, some fights here before and that kind of thing," Lewis said.”