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Joe Kernell;; 864-467-7105

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Snail Mail the Administrator and the Attorney at:

301 University Ridge, Suite N-4000, Greenville SC 29601

Greenville County Council will meet on the following days:

  • Tuesday May 7th Committee of the Whole - time TBD; Regular Meeting - 6pm

  • Tuesday May 14th County Council Public Communication Forum - 5pm

  • Tuesday May 21st Committee of the Whole - time TBD; Regular Meeting - 6pm

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Snail Mail the Councilors at:

301 University Ridge, Suite N-1100, Greenville SC 29601

County Council Office Telephone Number: 864-467-7115

County Council Office Fax Number: 864-467-7358

**In your communications with these public servants, be firm, informed, on point, professional, and respectful.

Some Suggested Content for Your Messages:

To the Administrator and Attorney: Please adhere to the Greenville County Code and institute proceedings to revoke the business registration of the Greenville Women’s Clinic. The parameters of Sections 21-8 and 21-9 are fulfilled, so it is your duty to enforce this Code. If the business appeals, require them to remedy the nuisance outside their business to avoid being shut permanently.

To the County Council: Please pass the Resolution to pursue revoking the business registration of the Greenville Women’s Clinic out of committee and please Vote Yes on it at your regular meeting.

Other points to make to both:

Section 21-8 of the Greenville County Code has been violated and section 21-9 says that when the code is violated, the Department of General Services “shall” initiate proceedings to revoke the registration.

Numerous police responses, injuries, arrests, filth requiring hazmat suits to clean, and laws broken all provoked by clinic escorts there with the approval of the clinic make the vicinity outside this business unsafe and a nuisance.

Other solutions to this problem have been tried and have failed over the last 4 years. It is time to fix the problem once and for all. Revoke the registration. Protect our citizens and our community.

See Talking Points and You May Have Heard... But the Truth Is... for more information.

He requests the County Administrator provide a report why this business registration should not be revoked.

Councilman Stan Tzouvelekas introduces the Resolution at the County Council meeting December 5, 2023

Stan Tzouvelekas and Evan Mulch Discuss the Nuisance Business Ordinance

After the February 20, 2024 County Council meeting, Council Chairman Dan Tripp, Councilman Stan Tzouvelekas and Concerned Citizens Discuss Councilor Tzouvelekas' Resolution and the Revocation of the registration of the business.

On February 23, 2024 Councilor Steve Shaw Requested the County Attorney's opinion on enforcing the County's nuisance ordinance via the professional and intelligent letter below. He requested written answers within 10 business days, which was March 4, 2024. As of March 13, 2024, answers from the County Attorney's office had not been received. See Councilor Shaw's March 20, 2024 letter below this letter for his summary of the County Attorney's March 15, 2024 response.


Councilor Steve Shaw's 5-Page Letter

to Constituents and Interested Parties

March 20, 2024

Re: Reaction to County Attorney's Opinion

on Seven (7) Resolution Questions



The Greenville Code has been clear for years, that the business registration of any business that constitutes a public nuisance can be revoked. These reasons from the code include "frequent arrests of persons," "excessive noise," "disorderly conduct," "disturbance of the peace," "ongoing and significant deposits of litter and debris," and "failure to provide sufficient security measures to protect people and property" - each of these the Greenville Women's Clinic habitually violates (See for yourself)


SECTIONS 21-8 AND 21-9

The Resolution requesting the Department of General Services revoke the business registration of 1142 Grove Road