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12/15/20233 min read

Greenville County Code Section 21-8 1a, 1b, 1c, and 2 have been violated.

Greenville County Code Section 21-9 says that when the code is violated, the Department of General Services “shall” initiate proceedings to revoke the registration.

Numerous responses by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, injuries, arrests, filth requiring hazmat suits to clean, and laws broken all provoked by clinic escorts there with the approval of the clinic make the vicinity outside this business unsafe and a nuisance.

In October when the Sheriff introduced the picketing ordinance to County Council, he stated to the media that the GCSO had responded to about 300 calls to the Greenville Women’s Clinic in 2-1/2 years. * (see below)

Other solutions to this problem have been tried and have failed over the last 4 years. It is time to fix the problem once and for all. Revoke the registration. Protect our citizens and our community.

Sidewalk ministers have tried calling the police and also not calling the police and trying to manage on their own. They have tried filing online reports. They have compiled seemingly applicable laws from the SC Code and shared them with influencers. They have had trainings and discussions to try to understand the proabortion protestors so they can effectively minister to and pray for them. They have had trainings to try to understand the law and courts better. They have tried to learn the judicial system so they can most efficiently work with them. They have pursued cases and charges and have dropped cases and charges. They have had meetings and discussions with the Sheriff and with other public servants to try to find a solution.

The Department of General Services, headed by the County Administrator, Joe Kernell, does not need to wait for County Council to pass the Resolution. Mr. Kernell has the power, authority and duty to initiate proceedings NOW. However, advocacy and pressure from County Council via the Resolution is needed.

This is not directly about abortion and it is not political. It is simply enforcement of the Greenville County Code to keep our community safe.

Greenville Women’s Clinic gives free reign to the proabortion protestors. They park there and use the bathroom there. Their vests say, “Clinic Escorts” and “Clinic Defenders”. During their time there, they post signs in support of the clinic. Their social media confirms their association with and support of the clinic. The clinic is complicit in the problems that happen in the immediate vicinity of their property during their business hours.

The proabortion protestors, aka Clinic Escorts and Clinic Defenders, are the instigators and agent provocateurs who have provoked the turmoil and conflict outside this business. Their goals are to block all free speech from prolifers and entirely rid the area of prolifers. They use blocking objects (some of which are dangerous), loud noise, foul smells, obscenity, insult, lies, deception, entrapment, assault, theft and more to try to accomplish their goals. All prolife sidewalk approaches (standing stationery and silently praying with or without a sign; walking with a sign; outreach with handouts of brochures and gifts along the driveway; and actively sharing of the Gospel and encouragement to choose life via a speaker) have been attacked.

A noise ordinance does not apply to most of the prolife ministers who are there to pray, hold signs, and offer information and gifts to customers, as is their legal right to do, and also could be challenged in court.

A buffer zone takes away 1st amendment rights (

Other business registrations have been revoked for less. ** (see below) If these behaviors and incidents happened outside another private business, it would be closed.

To those in favor of utilizing and enforcing existing laws and codes to promote safety, respect and peace in our community, please get involved – write to Councilors and the County Administrator, attend meetings, and tell others to get involved.

* 300 calls

“We’ve had about 300 calls in two and a half years,” Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said. (

Sheriff Hobart Lewis says in the last 2 and a half years, deputies have responded to more than 300 calls at the Greenville Women’s Clinic. (

Greenville County Sheriff’s deputies have responded to the Upstate’s only abortion clinic close to 300 times since the beginning of 2021 as opposing protestors clash regularly. (

Deputies have responded to the location almost 300 times since 2021. (

** 40 calls in 1-1/2 years vs 300 calls in 2-1/2 years

“Lewis said his office had responded to more than 40 calls for service at the restaurant since January 2019.”