Clinic Defender Behaviors

Here are behaviors by Clinic Defenders, aka Clinic Escorts, that prolife ministers have been subjected to over the last 4 years.

12/7/20233 min read

Many of these behaviors have stopped while the Clinic Defenders await the outcome of the effort to revoke the registration of the abortion facility because of the nuisance created by the Clinic Defenders. Some of these behaviors, such as numbers 8 and 10, are continuing.

1. The Clinic Escorts have interrupted gatherings for prayer and worship through loud noise, loud and obscene music, yelling, taunting, attempting to provoke, and harassing.

2. They have harassed and yelled loudly at prolife ministers in their face for 5, 10, or more minutes at a time, sometimes multiple times during the prolife minister’s shift (usually 1 to 3 hours).

3. They have spoken in abusive, dishonoring ways to prolife ministers in attempts to denigrate these prolife ministers.

4. They have put bullhorns with loud yelling, loud sirens, or loud, often vile music to prolife ministers’ ears causing temporary hearing loss in at least one person and causing many of prolife people to start wearing earplugs.

5. There has been physical injury to several prolife ministers resulting in creation of an unsafe environment.

6. The Clinic Defenders have caused many prolife ministers who had come out to pray, to offer literature, hope, and help to abortion facility customers, and/or to stand with signs to discontinue coming out due to the adverse environment.

7. They have entrapped prolife ministers to make it look like the prolife minister assaulted the Clinic Defender.

8. They have physically blocked, with their bodies and umbrellas, prolife ministers from sharing information with abortion facility customers.

9. With loud noises, they have blocked prolife ministers from sharing the Gospel, hope, and help with abortion facility customers over the fence from the hill.

10. They have shouted at abortion facility customers who stop for prolife ministers’ gifts and information to keep going in and not take the gifts.

11. Sometimes, they have removed the accepted gifts from abortion facility customers and kept them or thrown them on the ground.

12. They have physically blocked prolife signs with Clinic Defender signs or umbrellas or with their bodies.

13. They have taken up prolife signs staked in the ground and thrown them on the ground, up the hill, in the ditch, in the trash, or across Grove Road.

14. They have taken prolife signs and not returned them.

15. They have followed prolife ministers around the sidewalk area.

16. They have followed prolife ministers back to their vehicles, a 3 to 4 minute walk down the road.

17. At times, it seems they have made false reports to the police.

18. They have damaged property (a speaker, signs, a ladder).

19. They have held and posted obscene signs.

20. They have played loud music with obscene lyrics.

21. They have engaged in obscene, filthy verbal talk.

22. Music, sirens, and shouting on their bullhorns has been at extremely high decibel levels.

23. They have dressed in costumes.

24. They have done suggestive sexual dances.

25. They have sprayed stink spray near prolife ministers and on prolife signs.

26. They have placed streamers and paraphernalia around the sidewalk area to impede our movement and our space there.

27. They have posted phone numbers of prolife ministers on TikTok resulting in prolife ministers getting many calls from angry and/or harassing proabortion people.

28. They have made statements misconstruing and outright lying about what prolife ministers believe, what prolife ministers do, and who prolife ministers are.

29. They have destroyed the steps cut in dirt that allowed prolife fence ministers to climb the hill.

30. They trashed the hill and fence area and access to this area with broken glass, filthy graffiti and messages painted on the fence, condoms filled with raw meat hanging from trees, barbed wire, an assortment of items littering the area, and a smelly, slippery compost pile (about 5’ x 5’) of rotting food.