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The Ordinance 21-8 Denial and Revocation of a Business shown to be a public nuisance

Devastating Destruction (or Heartbreaking Curtailment of Peaceful Ministry)

Here is my story. 8-1/2 years ago God called me to offer hope, help, love and prayer outside the abortion facility to those entering for abortions, birth control and other services. It has not been my intention nor the intentions of other prolife ministers outside the abortion facility to break the law nor to stop others from expressing their opinions. We built a ministry that was effective at helping some receptive parents to choose life and avoid what becomes a lifetime of regret for many parents after an abortion. And then we watched our efforts and ministry curtailed and largely destroyed by aggressive, deceptive, provocative tactics designed to block our free speech, entrap us, and ultimately get rid of us entirely. At least ½ of the prolifers who peacefully prayed and ministered outside the abortion facility are no longer exercising their 1st amendment rights due to the intense, adverse, obnoxious and unsafe environment created by the proabortion protestors. Others who may have joined us to pray and minister are not doing so because of the stories they have heard about what has gone on out there. We have been blocked from giving brochures and gifts to those who rolled down their car windows and wanted to take our brochure or gift. Our signs have been taken down, thrown on the ground, across Grove Rd, and up the hill, and stolen. I don’t bring out signs anymore. However yesterday when I was there, the proabortion protestor had 15 signs posted (including 5 “Fake Clinic” signs pointed at the prolife pregnancy center across the street) and 2 flags. We have been blocked from speaking and sharing the Gospel. There has been physical injury, including hearing damage and loss from the proabortion protestors’ loud bullhorns aimed at our ears. They have also used smell to deter us: fart spray, a slippery compost pile, and rotting fish. And obscenity: multiple songs played on a loop with filthy lyrics and obscene signs including the shape of one sign.

I urge the Department of General Services to follow the Greenville County Code and institute proceedings to revoke the business registration of the Greenville Women’s Clinic due to the many incidents and police calls at this location.


Carrie's Statements concerning the long term effect of the violations associated with County Ordinance 21-8: sections 1 and 2

Blow Horns and Blood Pressure

There are two specific events at the abortion clinic where the use of blow horns, I believe, affected me physically. I have videos and screenshots of both incidents.

The first time was on 9/9/22 when Dana held her blow horn up within inches of my head. She had done this to me several times that morning while I was standing near the driveway at the abortion clinic. I tried to get away from her by moving to the other side of the driveway and down a ways. But she followed me and continued holding the blow horn even closer to my head while circling around me.

The siren sound she used on the blow horn was so shrill and piercing that it began to make me feel faint. She kept at it till I felt so bad I finally called 9-1-1 to report it. Sheriff Deputy McCall responded and wrote it up as an assault. I have the card he gave me with the report.

The second time was on 8/11/23 when Kawani kept harassing me by using her blow horn aiming it straight at me. She kept this up for at least 45 minutes.

I began to feel faint, similar to the other incident with Dana, but this time it didn’t make me feel quite as bad, I thought, until about 8:00 that evening. All of a sudden I began to feel really faint while standing at the kitchen sink and hurriedly went to sit down because I felt like I was going to pass out.

Fortunately, I had my cellphone in my pocket and was able to call a friend for help. As soon as she got to my house about 15 minutes later and saw the shape I was in she immediately called 9-1-1.

EMS sent me by ambulance to the ER. I was kept there for two days while they ran tests thinking I might have had a stroke. After evaluating all the test results, it was determined my problem was caused by erratic blood pressure.

I saw my primary care physician a couple days later. I asked him if loud sounds can affect blood pressure. He said there is something called Baro Trauma that can be caused when blood pressure is affected by continuous loud noise similar to someone who lives near railroad tracks or hears gun shots close up.

Whatever the cause, that trip to the hospital cost me over $600 dollars for the ambulance transport and hospital treatments. Since I have never had any kind of near-fainting experiences before or since - except for the two above mentioned incidents - I truly believe the loud blow horn noises used by Dana and Kawani were the cause of my physical problems.

Sheriff Deputy Moates has the video screenshots along with my written report of the last incident.

Anne S.

Two stories told by Ann on how she was continually accosted with a blow horn and how she believed that led to hospitalization and potentially life threatening situation. These continual violations of county ordinance 21-8 warrant the revoking of the license of this facility. Further, those types of actions discussed in Ann's story could very well have have resulted in a deadly consequence.
Chester's story of being sprayed by stink spray, being arrested, and being prevented his 1st amendment rights of speech, including not being allowed to communicate with patients that were willing to talk to him. These continual violations of county ordinance 21-8 warrant the revoking of the license.

Chapter 1

I and a young woman were standing beside the driveway peacefully attempting to make contact with abortion-minded women as they drove in. As we were doing this, Kawani began to spray both of us with an unknown foul-smelling substance which of course we objected to verbally. At one point Kawani dropped the spray bottle to the ground. Not knowing the contents of the dropped bottle which had been sprayed by Kawani (a murder advocate, mind you!), I kicked it out on the street, rather than allow the young woman or myself to be sprayed again by Kawani. A few days later I received a call in the morning from an unidentified employee of the LEC stating that I needed to come down to the LEC. He stated in his own words that there was a "silly accusation" made against me, assuring me that I would be processed in and out of that facility in minutes once I came in. Believing him, I complied, and to my consternation, I was handcuffed and taken to an overcrowded LEC holding room where I spent the day and a sleepless night amongst approximately 2 dozen repeat offenders until a judge released me the next morning after a mid-night "trial" in which Kawani made false accusations about my motives as an ever peaceful, non-violent women's advocate. I was charged with "malicious destruction of property worth $1000.00 or less." Yes, much less. Maybe $10.00?

Chapter 2

I infrequently stand in the public right-of-way beside the driveway of the Greenville Women's Clinic. Beside the driveway, I very peacefully offer literature about abortion alternatives to abortion- minded women as they enter the driveway in their vehicle. However, I have never impeded their access nor blocked their egress. Most every time I go to the driveway I am accosted by rabid antifa-like hoodlums (is there a nicer, more accurate way to depict them!?) who are set on depriving me of my constitutional right to peaceably assemble and my right to freedom of speech. How do they accost me? They get in my face screaming profane insults; they stand right beside my sign so that their body blocks anyone from viewing the sign I hold; they turn on deafening noises with their sound devices; if I retreat away from them to another location on the public right-of-way, they follow me and do the exact same thing, or worse, to me there. If I attempt to approach the vehicle of one who has stopped to receive my literature, they crowd me out of the way and accuse me of assault if I accidentally nudge them as they crowd me away from the person who would receive my literature. When I've called the Greenville County Sheriff's Office, the deputies who come out invariably defend the hoodlums' right to do to me as they have done.


I took the bottle of stink spray picture from the internet. I think that’s ok. Pick one of the 2 pictures with Allura and Kawani to show sign blocking.

I Wanted to Help

When I was in my late 20s and married, I became pregnant. My husband did not seem to care if either I or the baby lived. Back in the 80s, we really didn't have any idea of the life of a preborn human. I remember in more recent times seeing images of life in the womb at even the early stages and it tore me apart. Back then, I considered the baby to be merely a clump of cells. In retrospect it seems stunning to have believed this. I was not a Christian and had no support of any kind. Fast forward many years, to a time where both technology and a firm faith in God and His infallible Word, proved without doubt that I had indeed taken the life of my baby. I realized I needed healing, and I desperately wanted to help others to make the choice to keep their baby. You see, I never did have children, and that fact is something I can never escape.

When I began counseling outside of GWC, I was very hopeful and met a dedicated team of amazing individuals who trained me. What I was completely unprepared for was the outright demonic display of vulgar and violent behavior exhibited by those who lust after the loss of innocent life (Proverbs 1:16, 4:16-17; Michah 2:1). I witnessed many incidents where these individuals provoked and entrapped the pro-life advocates, often causing physical harm. They rejoice in blaspheming and sexualized demonstrations. It seems apparent to me that they are well trained and funded, preying upon those who have only love in their hearts. Tragically, the police have been called to intervene on countless occasions. This is a total waste of resources in our county, to say the least. Not only are innocent people harmed, but babies are being murdered daily. I have personally written to the doctors who perform abortions at GWC and they are unmoved.

There came a day when I was involved in my own dispute. Protestors liberally use "poop spray" for the reason you might imagine. It will contaminate any property you have. We were told by a pro-life advocate that if you use Febreeze it will remove the offensive odor. One of our advocates, an aging man, was about to put signs in his car and was distressed to discover they had all been tainted with the spray. I tried to help by spraying Febreeze on his signs, but while I was on the ground an abortion advocate sprayed the foul stuff towards me. Aggravated, I took my can and sprayed it towards her, unfortunately in the direction of her face. Of course, she captured this on film and used to it claim I had assaulted her. She then followed me to my car, taunting me the whole way. When I arrived outside GWC the next week, the police were there. I can tell you that I could barely sleep for days wondering if I was going to be arrested at my home, or if I would need to turn myself in. Thanks be to God, the charges were dropped by law enforcement. But because of the trauma of the event, coupled with the overwhelming continual mental, emotional and spiritual assault at that location, I stopped going out altogether. They won. I should be stronger, but I am not. I felt I could not take the risk of being arrested, incurring legal expenses and possibly being jailed. As I mentioned, it is my belief that they are well funded and trained.

I cannot imagine how this clinic can remain open to abortion. Perhaps they could remain open to actually provide health care, not murder babies. But the level of continual criminal behavior that has perhaps even escalated cannot be allowed to continue. I don't believe there is any other business in the county that would be allowed to remain open in light of the incidents requiring the involvement of the Sheriff's department and judicial system. I implore you, please, in the name of God, revoke the license of the GWC.

Thank you for reading my testimony.


I think use both pictures, or if just one, the one with the 3 signs

Sharon's story on how she just wanted to help others by sharing her story. The people representing the view of the clinic won through harassment and intimidation and she longer goes to the clinic. This story violates county ordinance 21-8 and should result in this facility having their license to conduct business revoked.

This must be pretty noisy and is potentially dangerous. This may cause physical harm or a sudden violent uncontrolled response from who the bull horns are pointed. Not to mention, the little respect given to those who live nearby. This is a flagrant disrespect against people, and obviously a violation of section 21-8 (1A).

They must think this is funny but it is not. It is obscene by any measure, and certainly according to the county ordinance 21-8. They are breaking obscene ordinance 19-15 and probably the noise ordinance 15 with the very common bull horns they use and are using here. Where are the police?

Random Pictures: Why the Dept. of General Services should Take Action

Trashy: Is a violation of ordinance 21-8

Trashy: Some of the signs are vulgar. Is a violation of ordinance 21-8

Shocking! Wouldn't this be considered obscene under the ordinance 21-8

"Holy Mary, Mother of C***." Said at the end of clip. I couldn't understand the music other than it did have profanities. What are trying to do? Very disrespectful. What kind of people are these that the GWC supports their actions and what are they capable of doing?

What does a taco have to do with a choice. Obviously, the taco is represents something else. This is in very poor taste, and to the point she makes, she's right. However, if she gets pregnant, another life should have a choice to be born.

They not only terrorize those wanting to save lives, they go across the street to terrorize those people working and visiting the Piedmont Women's Center, a business dedicated for the health care of women. I guess they are singularly minded in that the only health care, their view, is abortion.

We either have a Country where the people can voice their concerns or we don't. The intimidation, the vulgarity, the assaults, and the violations of the laws and ordinances including theft hasn't yet closed this business. Why?

Random Videos: Why The Dept. of General Services should Take Action

Wouldn't you think this video violates the noise ordinance, the obscenity ordinance. Isn't the volume dangerous to someone's hearing, and a traffic hazard. Isn't the volume also a trigger for some people and could incite violence. This is certainly a violation of many ordinances, including 21-8. Where are the police? Why is this place still open.

I would think this is a little intimidating. Though perhaps Ingrid may have the integrity not to respond, I am fairly certain some people would respond differently including a bystander that sees how Ingrid is being treated. This could cause a situation where someone could get hurt. She is not being respectful and is a nuisance.

These people are genuinely being obnoxious by impeding their Constitutional Right of assembly of the pro-life people to advocate for life. The pro-choice people covered signs and intimated others. Would anyone dare remove a prolife sign covered up by a prochoice sign, or would they fear repercussions.

Kicking the Bible around on the ground. I have no idea what he was talking about while he and a young person kicked the Bible back and forth. My focus was on the irreverency they displayed and how offensive and potentially triggering it may have been to Christians and just decent people. I bet that if a Koran was being kicked around, those people's lives may have been in danger. This is by far among the most abhorrent videos I have seen. It may have triggered me. These disrespectful activities I have seen does cause problems and this business must have its licensed revoked. I have seen other videos with young people. What are they teaching these children,

I guess the Clinic is so hungry for money that don't want to risk someone changing their mind about an abortion. That is sick to the extreme.

Picking up signs that just might take away business from the clinic and save a babies' lives and allows women to become Mothers I think that's disgusting, and potentially triggering. Also, the music is extremely loud and could be a violation of the noise ordinance at the very least.