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Is the Greenville Womens Clinic at 1142 Grove Road in violation of Greenville County Ordinance 21-8?? Yes it is and here is why. The Department of General Services, for the welfare of the community, must revoke their business license.

LifeSite News has written an article on the details surrounding the Resolution to revoke the business license. Click Here.

Fox News Carolina discusses the Resolution: Click Here

The Greenville County website and where the ordinance denial and revocation actually exist in code 21:8 (Here)

The PDF document: Here

The Ordinance 21-8 Denial and Revocation of a Business shown to be a public nuisance

The Resolution to revoke Greenville Women's Clinic because long standing violations of law and ordinances including Greenville County Ordinance 21-8. To view and download the Resolution in PDF: (Here)