Devastating Destruction


12/21/20232 min read

Here is my story. 8-1/2 years ago God called me to offer hope, help, love and prayer outside the abortion facility to those entering for abortions, birth control and other services. It has not been my intention nor the intentions of other prolife ministers outside the abortion facility to break the law nor to stop others from expressing their opinions. We built a ministry that was effective at helping some receptive parents to choose life and avoid what becomes a lifetime of regret for many parents after an abortion. And then we watched our efforts and ministry curtailed and largely destroyed by aggressive, deceptive, provocative tactics designed to block our free speech, entrap us, and ultimately get rid of us entirely.

At least ½ of the prolifers who peacefully prayed and ministered outside the abortion facility are no longer exercising their 1st amendment rights due to the intense, adverse, obnoxious and unsafe environment created by the proabortion protestors. Others who may have joined us to pray and minister are not doing so because of the stories they have heard about what has gone on out there.

We have been blocked from giving brochures and gifts to those who rolled down their car windows and wanted to take our brochure or gift. Our signs have been taken down, thrown on the ground, across Grove Rd, and up the hill, and stolen. I don’t bring out signs anymore. However yesterday when I was there, the proabortion protestor had 15 signs posted (including 5 “Fake Clinic” signs pointed at the prolife pregnancy center across the street) and 2 flags. We have been blocked from speaking and sharing the Gospel. There has been physical injury, including hearing damage and loss from the proabortion protestors’ loud bullhorns aimed at our ears. They have also used smell to deter us: fart spray, a slippery compost pile, and rotting fish. And obscenity: multiple songs played on a loop with filthy lyrics and obscene signs including the shape of one sign.

I urge the Department of General Services to follow the Greenville County Code and institute proceedings to revoke the business registration of the Greenville Women’s Clinic due to the many incidents and police calls at this location.