I Wanted To Help

I wanted to do for them what had not been done for me.


12/22/20233 min read

I Wanted to Help

When I was in my late 20s and married, I became pregnant. My husband did not seem to care if either I or the baby lived. Back in the 80s, we really didn't have any idea of the life of a preborn human. I remember in more recent times seeing images of life in the womb at even the early stages and it tore me apart. Back then, I considered the baby to be merely a clump of cells. In retrospect it seems stunning to have believed this. I was not a Christian and had no support of any kind. Fast forward many years, to a time where both technology and a firm faith in God and His infallible Word, proved without doubt that I had indeed taken the life of my baby. I realized I needed healing, and I desperately wanted to help others to make the choice to keep their baby. You see, I never did have children, and that fact is something I can never escape.

When I began counseling outside of GWC, I was very hopeful and met a dedicated team of amazing individuals who trained me. What I was completely unprepared for was the outright demonic display of vulgar and violent behavior exhibited by those who lust after the loss of innocent life (Proverbs 1:16, 4:16-17; Micah 2:1). I witnessed many incidents where these individuals provoked and entrapped the pro-life advocates, often causing physical harm. They rejoice in blaspheming and sexualized demonstrations. It seems apparent to me that they are well trained and funded, preying upon those who have only love in their hearts. Tragically, the police have been called to intervene on countless occasions. This is a total waste of resources in our county, to say the least. Not only are innocent people harmed, but babies are being murdered daily. I have personally written to the doctors who perform abortions at GWC and they are unmoved.

There came a day when I was involved in my own dispute. Protestors liberally use "poop spray" for the reason you might imagine. It will contaminate any property you have. We were told by a pro-life advocate that if you use Febreeze it will remove the offensive odor. One of our advocates, an aging man, was about to put signs in his car and was distressed to discover they had all been tainted with the spray. I tried to help by spraying Febreeze on his signs, but while I was on the ground an abortion advocate sprayed the foul stuff towards me. Aggravated, I took my can and sprayed it towards her, unfortunately in the direction of her face. Of course, she captured this on film and used to it claim I had assaulted her. She then followed me to my car, taunting me the whole way. When I arrived outside GWC the next week, the police were there. I can tell you that I could barely sleep for days wondering if I was going to be arrested at my home, or if I would need to turn myself in. Thanks be to God, the charges were dropped by law enforcement. But because of the trauma of the event, coupled with the overwhelming continual mental, emotional and spiritual assault at that location, I stopped going out altogether. They won. I should be stronger, but I am not. I felt I could not take the risk of being arrested, incurring legal expenses and possibly being jailed. As I mentioned, it is my belief that they are well funded and trained.

I cannot imagine how this clinic can remain open to abortion. Perhaps they could remain open to actually provide health care, not murder babies. But the level of continual criminal behavior that has perhaps even escalated cannot be allowed to continue. I don't believe there is any other business in the county that would be allowed to remain open in light of the incidents requiring the involvement of the Sheriff's department and judicial system. I implore you, please, in the name of God, revoke the license of the GWC.

Thank you for reading my testimony.