Outright Evil

What else could happen?


1/15/20242 min read

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I have only been across the street from the clinic once to pray along with a group of people. I was warned that blow horns to the ear were possible. Though the distance was a few feet from the ear, the sound would have been painful if I hadn’t acted beforehand and had earplugs. A pro-abortion activist was walking up and down our group saying things, and what I remember was her saying, “Shame, shame, shame on you!!!”

I was exercising what I knew was my legal right, and this activist was intimidating and making our time very uncomfortable. By her actions, it was evident she wanted us to leave. I did leave, and I haven’t been back. You can see from this website that pro-abortion activists will continue to violate the rights of others, by breaking many laws. Who knows what else they might do to accomplish their aim to disperse those onsite who want to pray, inform, or assist woman to maybe make another choice other than terminate the life within them? Who knows what reaction someone might have if a blow horn is put to the ear?

The emphasis of this website is for the public to know that our laws are being ignored and 1142 Grove Road remains open despite the daily violations of the law. If it wasn’t for the nature of this business, the license would have been revoked a long time ago under ordinance 21-8 & 9. However, the emphasis that I want to make is that the behavior displayed by these agitators is an outright evil.

Regardless of the views someone may have on abortion, one cannot deny that much of what occurs at this location by the agitators with the blessings of the clinic is evil if one believes in a God.

Of course, if God doesn’t exist, then what does it matter if a pro-abortion activist says on camera very blasphemous things that I won't repeat in writing, or if another activist stands on a Bible and shoots a bird in close proximity to a person praying, or if pro-abortion people kick a Bible back and forth across an area. Or perhaps, one of the most disgusting of all: a pro-abortion activist holds a sign on how to make a Fetus Cider drink. Those four examples are particularly disturbing to me, and there are other examples, and they are not all caught on tape as these examples are.

If God does exist, and I know he does, then I do hope that our leaders do see what these people are doing in addition to breaking our laws. This business, just because of the nuisance ordinance, must be closed. With respect to the character on display by the agitators not governed in their actions by any belief in God, who knows what evil they may commit? Do they even have faith in anything, and if so, whom do they serve?

In the Iowa State Capital building, the government leaders allowed an altar to Satan. A concerned citizen ended the display by defying the law and cutting its head off. This was only a statue that represented hatred of God. These agitators are acting out their hatred of God with total blasphemy. I certainly hope, our leaders wouldn’t allow an altar to Satan in our government buildings, and I hope that they will also not allow the illegal actions that these agitators are committing to be ignored by not revoking the license. Our county needs to hold fast to law and order and not give in to the forces of anarchy.